Reasons Dave Grohl Is Awesome

A blog that lists all the reasons that Dave Grohl is the most awesome person to ever live.

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Reason #95: Dave Grohl supports filesharing

Reason #95: Dave Grohl supports filesharing

Reason #92: Dave Grohl can use his cymbals for sledging and also for busting icicles off the side of the studio.

Reason #91: Hot Buns. No I’m not entirely sure why the band decided to make softcore gay porn either, but who cares, it’s awesome.

Reason #90: Dave Grohl and the bands protest against the Westboro Baptist Church picketers.

Reason #89: The Pretender.

Reason #88: Dave Grohl loves the Reading Festival.

Reason #87: Generator.

Reason #86: Dave Grohl doesn’t talk to wannabe journalists about Katy Perry.

Reason #85: Foo Fighters don’t need hookers and blow backstage, they have kids toys and Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”.

Reason #84: Dave Grohl interview outtakes including his love of Backstreet Boys and the original version of Reason #78.

Reason #83: Dave pretends to slag off Metallica and then laughs when asked for his opinion on the new Guns’N’Roses.

Reason #82: Dave Grohl playing Yambo on the Late Late Show.